Monday, September 24, 2012


Reason #999,998,012

Flaws and All!

I could hear my heart beat faster as I ran, ran through the green grasses that represented everything I feared, representing a culture I feared so much, a culture I didn't believe in, until today.

Growing up for me wasn't always as easy as I'd hoped, I questioned almost half of my short existence what the hell it is that I'm doing in a continent such as this, a continent with not so constant electricity, a continent perceived to be backward and seemingly fraudulent, a continent with so much corruption that bribery has become an occupational bonus and poverty is her middle name. I wanted so much to be elsewhere, anywhere else but here, until ...
Just like the race though the green grass, I had to run through my fears to get to the finish line, to get to that gold. All of these problems, all of these seemingly persistent and unending problems gave me reasons not to leave. Never leave when the storm is the most intense, is what my heart kept screaming. 

There would be no better place to make a mark than here, everything that comes out beautiful starts off rough, this continent may seem like it is one of those diamonds that will forever be lost in the rough, but no diamond is lost forever ; no matter how long it takes it will be found, and polished to shine.

So If there is any reason for me to remember to believe in a continent such as mine, it is our many flaws, the flaws that make us who we are, the flaws that give us more reasons to become beautiful , the flaws that make me believe we can make a better tomorrow, if we believe, if we believe in our continent, our Africa and build a great continent by fixing its flaws.

Let's work through our flaws, and make Africa the best diamond found in the rough.

Coca Cola "A billion reasons to believe in Africa"

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