Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day in Terence's Shoes

I rarely meet a man whose closet impresses me in this country, and i reiterate RARELY, but at least that means i've met a few, but I never and i say again NEVER meet a man in Nigeria whose shoes make me oohh and aahhh, at least so i thought, until i met Mr Sambo (Amazing fashion blogger and stylist extraordinaire).

Terence Sambo's shoe collection is absolutely different from the array of annoying urban footwear (e.g plimsolls) that has flooded the nation, he goes far and beyond to find jewels ranging from tassels to churches and well in terms of casual wear he rocks espadrilles, his shoes are very gentlemanly but still have a very quirky feel to it, he definitely doesn't follow trends when looking for shoes, he definitely knows his style (and i mean from head to toe) and makes it look amazing.

Here is his response to my constant questioning about his shoes;

''The kind of shoes I fancy are very matured and chic shoes. They are probably the kind of shoes men in their late 40's upwards wear most of the time.
Its got to be vintage or have a vintage feel. I love tassel loafers as well as woven shoes. You would not catch me wearing plimsolls (except on styling duty which might last long) or hi-tops nah...not anytime soon. I like espadrilles and toms as well, when I wanna go casual.''

Here are a few pairs from his closet;


To learn more about the amazingly stylish and one of a kind Mr Sambo checkout


Monday, April 25, 2011

So Ive become a blog whore. I don't know when this all started but i cant and i reiterate ''cant'' end the day without checking some of my fav blogs. I'm very happy about this though because everyday i find something new to fall in love with or smile about when I'm at home and online, on that note I've decided that instead of keeping these things to myself,I'm gona just blog about them.

Its the first day and here are my 25th of April loves from two very special blogs;

Kike Soyode's STYLE;

Kike Soyode is the other half of the amazingly stylish blog www.stylebyqueens.co.uk, and this week she posted this amazing get up which i instantly fell in love.
Her style is definitely a mix of that very sexy rock star edge and the absolutely effortless flattering femininity that exists only with a woman of style. i love Kike Soyodes style and this get up totally reminds me why.


I LUV LUV THIS BLOG, its just refreshing to see four girls with amazingly effortlessly quirky styles, 4 aces date is about four of the most stylish girls ive seen in a bit
COOKIE, ABBY, KAVEN and my amazingly gorgeous friend OZZY. Checkemout ASAP

For more on their amazing lifestyles checkout www.the4acesdate.com.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet and Greet ''iamIsigo and Orange Culture''

So on the 3rd of April 6 very much young designers (measured in both age and experience) came together to celebrate with family, friends and other fashioneers,their plummet into the industry that is called the FASHION INDUSTRY. it was a beautiful beautiful event, wine, cake, beautiful people and beautiful pieces, here are the designers, the aesthetic behind the collections and photos of a few people at the event. ;-) checkitout

Wana Sambo

The Wana Sambo ''Light as Air '' F/W'11 collection was inspired by the french riviera and the change in seasons. The simple silhouettes express the sophistication of a modern french woman. The collection is fun, flirty and elegant.

Souza by Tolu Da Souza

Souza's collection was called the celebration of sunlight. it was a nature inspired collection of 10 pieces. Thus the major use of the colours orange, green and brown which are all colours of natural elements in our immediate environment. She also tried to blend the urban (satin, chiffon) and local (aso oke) materials to create an elegant modern look for the stylish woman in dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. The pieces are elegant, chic and playful
Diamonds and Dust by Amaka Ukegbu

What she showed on Sunday was a sneak peak at tutto di me (which is my first collection and it means; all of me). The collection is the story of a girl who transforms from a tom boy to a girl and a lady finally! Vintage, flirty and chic.

Fablane by Derin

The vidavoom collection theme was inspired by the edginess of a woman, it has the vintage and edgy spice added to the outfits. The story behind the collection is just the sophistication of a woman. The name vidavoom came to mind when she decided on bringing the 80's back and mixing it up with the present trends. The meaning of the phrase 'Vida Voom' lies in attitude and energy. it describes a woman who is bold, strong and in your face without loosing any of her femininity. The name vidavoom calls for a lot of attention as most of the outfits are daring and must be noticed wherever they are worn to, leaving the woman looking fabulous, classy and showstopping. when sketching the vidavoom collection all she had in mind was ;must be camera ready, comfortable and edgy'' its setting a new trend

Orange Culture by Adebayo Oke-lawal

''Heartbreak is never the end but the beginning of something new, something better, BLACK,WHITE AND RED' love always heals''
So this is the first collection from his label, very sentimental collection, as each piece speaks of a period in his life (for example the story telling pieces, which have words written on them, the most VIVID definition of what he means by each piece being something personal) the collection was inspired by different heartbreak stories, how it seems at first like life would never go on (black), white ( a fresh start) and the red (the only actual healing is to love again), the collection was built to help those who feel like they would never love again, he wanted them to feel and to know that well it could only get better from here. thus why the ready to wear collection is called ''the heartbroken'', it is a very relatable collection as he's sure everyone has been through something of the sort or knows someone who has. The pieces are simple, unique and well him! ;-)

iamISIGO by Bubu Ogisi

''The world always has a story to tell. From the Le poseur collection iamISIGO brings to you ''the news''. the collection was inspired by the word poseur meaning; to adapt to a clan, group or culture (subculture)'' from the collection she made a sub collection called the news as with all the stories around the world we find ourselves adapting to conflict and violence, we find ourselves adapting to the lies the government feeds us, the way we adapt to such frivolity in essence becomes the news and a way of life... from the Le Poseur collection. ''THE NEWS

Backstage (Before Wana Sambo)

(The famous Jide Adedeji making the models up after teaching them to catwalk)

Beautiful Faces at the show before it began (We could only capture a few)

We love you all.

Photo Credits;
The Artist:
Kola Olashusi
Jorge Wang (Majority of the photos)
Akinlolu Osinbajo (our very own LEO)
One Nigerian Boy

The best photographers ever