Wednesday, March 30, 2011


OMG! Arise was freakishly amazing, I'm sorry i haven't blogged about it and I'm definitely not going to, cause i was too busy working backstage and blogging about it without proper photos. would do it injustice.

BUT, I definitely saw the pieces, the good, the bad and most definitely UGGGG pieces and even before thisday decided its 5 or as most recently discovered, 6 designers, to go to NY, i decided on my 5 picks. They are and will always be;

  • Bunmi KokoBulleted List

  • Maki Oh

  • Buki Akib

  • Angelo Van Mol

  • Tsemaye Binite
From the music, to the actual pieces, to the aesthetic of the collection, these 5 killleeeddd it for me, loved them and i know for sure their names are going to be everywhere alot sooner than you and i think.

Photo credits:

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Late last year, a group of friends came together to showcase the versatility and attractiveness of African street style. The shoot was organised by stylist and designer Funfere Koroye (Check out his blogs here ). 'The African Conglomerate' was the theme of the shoot.

Featuring in this shoot are our very own Adebayo Oke-Lawal(Creative Director, Orange Culture, Stylist, BuBaAi), stylist and designer Bubu Ogisi of IAMISIGO and BuBaAi, Aisha Bello, also of BuBaAi, model Makida Moka, stylist and blogger Terence Sambo of and Funfere Koroye himself, with the photographs taken by me, Akinlolu Osinbajo of The Artist Photography.


Summer Shots

Hi people! I know its been a while since i posted, and that was due to many factors, but thank God for His mercies. Alright, back to the post......

Now, this post is mainly inspired by Nigerian Weather. To be honest, its pretty much summer all year round, cos even after it rains heavily, the sun cheekily shows it face almost immediately after. So, how do we remain stylish without stifling ourselves with too many pieces? I found a few shots that explain just how to do that........

Very stylish, though easy on the eyes, simple, but executed with little effort. Take a few tips people :)

Photo Credits: The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil Blog

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

''I SCREAM everyday continuously about this amazing label, but for some reason people still have difficulties realizing the beauty that is BASIL SODA.''

Thats what i said a few days before the Grammys, that has definitely changed, whoever their PR person is, he needs to be blessed as he matched up perfectly the piece from their Fall-Winter 10-11 (Quest for the Phoenicians) collection with Keri Hilson, PERFECTION!!

Funny thing is on the runway it wasn't one of my favourite pieces but it definitely stood out on the redcarpet perfectly draped on Keri Hilson's caramel toned skin.
Everyone should know BASIL SODA, if you need more proof of how amazing this designer is check