Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey FSL Luvas, here's a new game we've added to our blog, every month a colour will be picked and all we ask is readers send in photos of themselves stylishly rocking this colour and win a prize.

Our colour for this special month is Orange

And in the spirit of the month's crush, our gift is an IV to the exclusive meet and greet with iamIsigo and Orange culture, also featuring amazing designs from Wana Sambo, Meena and Souza.
Cant wait to see what you guys pull off, email
We love you guys.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So every now and then i try to figure out the psyche of the one who assumes their in love and then loses it, the one who feels like he can give up everything for the one he loves without a doubt or at least assumes he can, the one whose bb display picture constantly enunciates LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I Tried...

and well tried,

but for some reason i feel more or less like its impossible for someone my age to feel this burst of emotion for another, don't get me wrong, I've assumed i was in love, some may say i fell, but being in love doesn't mean the end of the relationship leaves you heartbroken, or cant imagine yourself eating or sleeping post ending, and bla bla bla (Angie stones single will explain better) but in entirety all of that doesn't mean you're in love, especially i bouncing back becomes a possibility. Being in love would be not moving on, not possibly being able to live not by words but in actuality without that person, giving up yourself for that person, being ready to die for that person, i think...

If you thought, you guessed right, I'M SINGLE, and i spent my valentines consumed and surrounded by the horrid ''i love you's'' that im so sure weren't so true, i don't hate love, i just think love is absolutely abused (poor cupid) and the thought that its probably one of the most announced phrases ever worries me, worries me because it just makes me wonder why we celebrate a day we actually know nothing about, so for me NO TO VALENTINES, until I'm sure love is what i really feel and love is what i really know.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


K! so i don't know if I'm rili cheating, but I'm in love with another label, and i hope my label never finds out, ZEDEYE (WTH TOO AMAZING)

Nigerian Born uber talented designer Ngozi Pere-Okorotie, is the creative head behind Zed Eye. The London College of Fashion graduate, who takes inspiration from fashion goddess Vivienne Westwood, hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, currently residing in Earls Court, London. It appears the inevitable for such a fashionably talented woman to end up in the fashion capital; Ngozi originally studied to become an accountant. I'm glad she took up fashion instead, cause I'm having an amazing affair with zedeye, check em out


Leaves me BREATHLESS, the clothes, the styling, the photography. I'M DEFOS CHEATING.


So its my blog right? I'm guessing I'm entitled to speak my mind at any and every time, at this moment this is all i can really think about; In the past few days Ive seen and heard alot bout people who have assumed coolness for the most ignorant of reasons, and I'm here to say,

1. Playing Music from your phone without earphones is not cool, and it will never be, in fact its more or less a form of pollution, called NOISE pollution, so pls we'd prefer you'd not make such a foolish mistake

2. As i have stated how many times, wearing sunglasses where there is absolutely no sun or worse off at night isn't cool. its a total abuse of the actual function

3.GANGSTA trends or mannerisms are in no way or form cool, i don't get it, it is a privilege to be educated and polished why choose otherwise (TWISTED WORLD WE LIVE IN)

4. It is not cool to claim uve been with a thousand women just to seem cool, no1 really cares and only losers believe its a personality booster

5.Its not cool to be rude to people, just so you can look cool before your peers, believe me one day u might need that person, or some1 that knows that person

6. its not cool to anonymously downgrade people on blogs, if you cant say it helpfully then you are an absolute LOSER.

7. its not cool to not use deodorant, i don't know were people got that from

8. it is not cool to look down on people just cause they aren't as wealthy as you are (especially when your pride is based ignorantly on your parents money)

9. Its not cool to say i love you and not mean it

10. Invading someones personal space when talking to them, or in a queue or whenever, especially at first meet (you dont need to enter my face, or my circle).

11. MOST IMPORTANTLY its not cool to not be following this blog, FOLLOW NOW

so if you kinda thought for some reason any of these were cool, uhmmmmm