Thursday, January 27, 2011


Three reasons you must be here;
1. The most affordable handmade leather ranging from bags(both men and women), shoes, sandals, satchels, wallets, laptop bags etc.
2. Because you love me amazingly :-)
3. Cause there's a food affair right after the event, amazinggggggg food, believe me
Yal best be there, SEE YOU!!
OK so i dunno if I'm the only dude in this country that feels like there's only one season in this beautiful country of ours, SUMMER! I think so, cause if i wasn't alone i wouldn't see a thousand and 1 dudes wearing sweaters, cardigans when they absolutely need not. DUDEESSS, its hot, so here i am with essential pieces for the dude whose taken cognisance of the unchanging season, (WINTER IS NOT COMING), So here's a look that should help you start off.

P.S: if you re in Nigeria and you choose to deceive yourself that items of the sort cannot be found, well here are a few labels to check

shorts- Grey, Onyx and Pearl and My soon to be revealed new label :-)

Tees- My label

jewelry- Retrospective by Yoanna Pepper Okwesa

GREY- Obi 08059029102, Rukky 07066260428, Tola 07069633155

ONYX AND PEARL- 07043355430

MINE- 07037559787


Speechless; Vogues Rendition

(MY FAV!!)

This is what happens when amazing creatives come together, Mario Testino, Grace Coddington and 7 designers, perfection!!
Nigeria TAKE NOTE!!

Anyone and everyone that knows me, knows how much I'm in love with the creativity that is the label by Rukky, Obi and Tola called Grey and as God would have it, guess who got to style them, BUBAAI!!
It was such an amazing shoot, make up done by Jide of Sleek, models- Makida Moka and Ademide Adefarasin and of course amazing photographer Peter Bello, the cohesiveness of all or visions for the shoot made it so much fun, every time i remember I'm just thankful for the opportunity.
So we hope you love it and remember Grey is amazingly affordable, so u better go visit them @ Flat 1, Block 25 Shomolu way, Dolphin estate and shop shop shop.
We love you all.

Monday, January 24, 2011

So this is one of the projects we on F.S.L have decided to take, and its called STREET STALKERS.
We go out and take photos of people seemingly stylish and well some uhmm not so much, so you better be on your guard cause no matter where you might be, street stalkers will most definitely find you.

Our first victim is Bubu Ogisi of the label iamIsigo,caught backstage at the filming of Lynxx and Rilwans Every Night Video (Watch Out for that btw);

i love the look, and best part is she's rocking her label, absolutely love the idea, its very quirky but still very feminine, plus the Ostrich skin crossover absolutely kills it for me.

Whats your opinion, we at F.S.L, would love to hear if you agree or not?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OK! So Nigeria can be flipping hot, and when i say hot, i mean HOT, thus why my very new and totally hot love, is a tee shirt, and what better tee shirt to rock than one with Loads of character, i defos rock tees, from literati to my very new tee love ''The Charlatans''

Whats a charlatan?

A charlatan in summary is a pretender, coined by a very young and very creatve Bubu Ogisi the creative behind iamIsigo, so support her as she branches out into the most creative tee shirt line called ''The Charlatan by iamIsigo'' :-)

So yal better get at Bubu Ogisi and defeat the dreadful Nigerian heat in style this 2011.
love you all.

Tees cost N5000 Only
To Order check for iamIsigo on facebook
call 08034087789



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Revelation

So everyone knows valentine is somewhere around the corner, the single, non single, confused (like myself) LOL, No matter what the case is, that date that either reminds you that you are in love, or without, is definitely coming and well we at F.S.L have decided to embrace the idea fashionably and not just fashionably, patriotically.


Well everyone knows red is the colour of the day, and well the past few years have exposed our eyes to very vicious cycles of red and white combinations, combinations that have led our eyes to convulse consistently or have totally blinded us, leading us to wish the day never returned.
That's why F.S.L advices that instead of overdoing it, why not go the easy way and support your country by purchasing homemade RED ''dresses'', easy pieces that cannot be destroyed no matter how bad your styling ability might be,
Here they are, 14 beautiful, NIGERIAN made ways to rock red this season. ;-)
  • Party In and With House of Nwocha

For the fun loving woman who wants to party glamorously this valentines, H.O.N's piece is a must have!!
  • Professional Lover
For the girl who has to work before celebrating, Iamisigo's red piece is defos here for you.
  • Classic beauty
For the woman who desires to exude class this valentines, this Tiffany amber special is the definite piece for her
  • Cocktail Diva
For the diva whose ready to take the cocktails by storm immerse yourself in Jbl's embellished red perfection.

This amazing Souza piece is for the girl that is determined to celebrate her independence this season, giving all the other overtly dependent women, the COLD SHOULDER
  • Afrocentric Queen
For the woman who prides herself in the honour that is our culture this February, the Ituen Basi piece totally rocks!!
  • Grecian goddess
Spend your vals in this beautiful Eyola piece and feel like the goddess that the dress is mos defos meant for.
  • Wana's Edge
Flaunt that much desired edge easily and glamorously in this amazing piece by Wana Sambo in this season.
  • Such a Lady
Embrace your beautiful curves in this amazing Grey piece. P.S: Can make anyone a lady ;-)
  • Jerseylicios
Immerse yourself in that very soft, and amazingly appreciative of curves fabric we call jersey, as Zebra Living takes jersey to the next level with this piece
  • Maju Speaks
For the woman ready to explore her sexuality this season, Maju's piece speaks volumes, so listen and rock Maju this season.
  • Stand Out
For the woman whose valentines might be spent walking the very much red carpets, the Onyx and Pearl piece, is definite must have for you, as it wont just stand out, it will STAND OUT.
  • Retrospective
For the diva who desires a very retro piece this valentines, Uyai is definitely here for you with this very retro, but still sophisticated and very much sexy piece.
  • Little Angel

So for every household there's that diva that likes to be as well dressed as her mum, we call her the little princess, well rough and tumble wisely provided its own version of the LRD for the little princess in your house hold :-)

SO there they are, my 14 amazing red reveals, start calling now, valentines is too close, DON'T DULL YOURSELF! Xx