Thursday, October 28, 2010

I lay there in purple skinnies and my V-neck tee with a blue cardigan staring at my pokit man bag when all of a sudden my thoughts were interrupted,

Have you been in love before? She asked me

I searched my fragile heart, answer her jo I thought to myself...Have i?

She left but with no answer, cause all I did was lay there speechless…
she was my girlfriend, had been for a few weeks but I never anticipated this question, it was difficult, I wasn’t used to it…

I thought it made you selfless, was something that made you inconvenience yourself for the loved stupidly, it encouraged illogical actions and emotionally driven thoughts. I have been in love i propped myself up.

I have, so I found my BB frantically and I called her..

Hey, I’ve been in love…

Are you serious? But do you know the time.. She said

Well. I have to tell you, I have and I want to show you who she is…. meet me on oxford street in the morning..

I tried to snooze but to no avail, the excitement cameover me, i'd figured it all out, worked it al out!!
Morning finally came, I took a cup of coffee had a shower and ran I wouldn’t miss the train…

Finally I was on oxford street and soon came my girlfriend.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her through the crowd, she squealed but it came out with laughter cause she didn’t understand the gravity of my excitement..

So I stopped and she finally stopped..

So whats next? She asked

We are here I said,


She looked confused..

Let’s go in, and so we enter and at the reception is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and its obvious my girlfriend notices. Cause she spills out; I understand why you were in love with her…

I laugh as we approach her, my girlfriend is mumbling not loud enough for my comprehension,

we were face to face now with the receptionist,

Hey, the receptionist said as she brings out a pair of blue skinnies, my girlfriend is transfixed

HERE IT IS, I said,

my girlfriend is so mad,

so you brought me all the way here to show me this, you're not well how can you be in love with a pair of.. aarrggh she screams as she tries to storm off,

Baby I said, she turns back and I’m on my knees with my hands in the pocket of the skinnies, I draw out a ring… will you marry me…

Cause you’re the one I love…

I thought you were gay!! The receptionist blurted..

‘No’ My girlfriend replied in the midst of her tears of joy (I hoped), his just orange, his my orange man.


So i'm such a vintage lover, anything my father owned years before my existence, or my grandfather owned or great grandfather is somewhat very special to me, whether in the form of cothing or shoes or bags, there's just something special about it that just makes you look good when you wear em.
I remember when i was 10 i always wanted to carry one of my dad's briefcases, sick with the imagination of what it held, and tried and tried the lock codes, wishing everyday i could hold one of these and now Folzi has made it possible in a more special way, it comes in the most amazing colours and it is made and designed by 19 year old Nigerian twins (too cool, there they are above), im such a Nigerian patriot when it comes to clothes and accessories, so this totally excites me. check em out, folzi briefcases!!

So Alex Folzi was established January 2010 and was incorporated April 2010 and i know that it wont end this year, i hope to see an alex folzi brief case everywhere. i love alex folzi

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grey-More Than Just A Colour

SO there's not that many labels that have the ability to leave me speechless even in its simplicity, but for some reason grey's been able to do that, thus why there are so many pictures of so many pieces cause well my descriptive abilities might downgrade the beauty that grey is. so here it goes grey; (i'd conside MP jus to wear these clothes lol)

The faces behind grey (L-R, Tola, Rukky (Amazing Rukky ;-) of course sir Obi Obi) Love the team!!

My fav. above


Sunday, October 24, 2010

She, Her, I...

Today I felt so ugly, for the first time in my life I walked the street with no heads turned, no men staring at me or even women envious at the sight of me, I was gorgeous,

I am Gorgeous no matter what yal think , but for some reason it feels the the world's been infected by some disease that can’t comprehend beauty, I tried to deceive myself as I catwalked in my beautiful red tank top, with a blue scarf and my mini denim…

Am I loosing it I thought..

As I turned to be sure, there he was staring at me…
YAAY thank you God it was finally over..he was handsome,
good for me!
As he approached me, I adjusted my hair you know, made sure I was in tact as he came closer, closer and closer,
he was here, right before getting too close and then passed by me…

That wasn’t by me,
That was through me…

Was he a ghost??
I turned and there it was a crowd…

I approached the crowd, with camera men and an ambulance and he was there,
what is all the chaos for…

There she was or rather there I was…

My body laying flat…he wasn’t the ghost..I WAS

My eyes became teary, but for a minute cause for some reason I was filled with joy, cause I was beautiful and at least now I had gotten all the attention I had ever wanted ever needed, guess death was all I needed to assure me of what I really was, my beauty..


So everyone's kinda been wondering what exactly is up with the sudden buzz on facebook and what not about BuBaAi, well here'es your chance to finally discover.
Bubaai is not a fashion label, we do not make clothes in anyway, we instead provide clothing and advice on clothing to celebrities whether for performance purposes, or photoshoots or just random outings for a cost, so if you thought fashion consultancy, you were definitely right. Here's the team;

(L-R) Me, Aisha Bello and Bubu Ogisi

And here's a sneak peak at what Bubaai's done,

So for style consultancy of any sort call any of these numbers

love ya loads
(This isnt onyx and pearl or iamisigo; as these make clothes, while bubaai uses clothes from all designers)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Rilwan!

Who hasn't heard of Rilwan's amazing new song with Lynxx?? WHO??


Here's Eveynight REMIX

check out bellanaija to listen ;-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



This started with our favourite celebrities, for some reason it was a trend that so easily caught on and like many unreasonable trends it hasnt let go, but please just cause they do it doesn’t make it sensible and since we are now dealing with style and not fashion, you are allowed to use your brain when considering what trends to follow. So please, i beg you, take them off before you go in…
• Church: Brothers and sisters of the Lord don’t you feel like you are disrespecting God a little by wearing shades in church, ok well if you don’t wana think about that, consider the absence of sun inside the church and maybe considering the distraction it may cause, in all sincerity it is plain stupid for you to consider it necessary to have shades on during service.

• Class: WHYY? I mean if I were your lecturer I’d send you out, in class why, the only excuse is an eye infection or if your blind but except from that whatever bad boy/girl thing you're trying to pull off is mistaken, cause ignorance is all that is obviated when shades are worn in class.

• Clubs: A CLUB O|!! NIGHT CLUB ahn ahn please now, its dark, why. Where is the sun coming from now or is it the flashing disco lights that you are wearing the sunshades for please it is just a sign of ultimate razzness just cause some musician did it doesn’t make it wise.

• Restaurants: Unless the restaurant is outdoors, it is inexcusable; you don’t need shades to enjoy the seasoning of the food.

• An interview: I would fire you before you even speak.

• Wedding: this seems to be a reoccurring trend grooms especially, why?? We want to see your face, it just seems like you're hiding your dismay behind the pair.

• Gym: lol, obviously

• Library: Gosh this one ehn, it just means you're not coming to read

• A Dinner: dinner meaning night, so no sun, meaning no sun glasses


I know some of these places may be unbelievable but believe me I’ve seen them happen.So if you see yourself doing it just before you enter please STOP!! AND TAKE THEM OFF but if you want to wear glasses then go nerdy or preppy with a pair of clear glasses they are not only stylish (well kinda over done by the masses) but can be worn at any time. If we are not careful soon people would take a ride down idiocy lane and wear them to sleep, I heard its been done but I’d rather think that to be impossible.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


So every now and then I meet someone that easily inspires a write up about who they are as a person, what they did right or in some cases very much wrong, so here’s the situation; I met Mrs. Ugoma Adegoke and she is amazing, her business savvy attitude is totally inspirational, her creativity timeless and her lifestyle, it obviates 3 things love, life and passion, and all of this, she and her husband have imbibed in the creation of the Lifehouse!!

What exactly is the Lifehouse?

The Lifehouse is a total chill zone, believe me, it has the most amazing store ZEBRA LIVING, the health inspired yoga studio DAYOGA and the amazing juice bar ABULE. So if this isn’t enough here are 10 straight forward reasons you need to visit The Lifehouse.

· It is amazingly serene, the environment is amazingly peaceful, and with Abule, which offers available Wi-Fi, great food, and books, it makes you feel right at home.

· The DAYOGA studio; I think Nigerians perception of yoga is a tad wrong, so come learn by taking a class from a yoga mastermind Mr. Adegoke and believe me you, your life will never be the same.

· ZEBRRRAAAAA, the most amazing affordable high street label, the only label that I know that brings high fashion to Lagos at such an affordable price.

· Zebra caters to every kind of woman, whether young, old or not sure ;-), there’s definitely a place or an item for you at Zebra.

· Asides from zebra there are so many other amazing labels being stocked in the store, like AIMAS, Zashadu, Fab magazine (not a label but is stocked here) and soon enough onyx and pearl ;-)

· Dance classes; amazing variety of dances being taught here, so come and turn your two left feet, to one right and well one left.

· Late Night Shopppingggg!! The only store in Lagos I know that offers late night shopping on Fridays and Saturdays, so for that quick buy for a wedding the next morning, or a birthday party or what not, COME OVER TO THE LIFEHOUSE!!

· The afro centricity of the lifehouse is enough to want to be here.

· Creative prowess; the environment induces creativity believe me, from the amazing greenery, artistic work and scenery, creativity is definitely encouraged.

· Cause of the amazing people; there’s a whole lot of love in zebra, with the amazing Mr. and Mrs. Adegoke, to Ronke, to Osas, Mabel and well MEEE lol believe me you, you’d enjoy your few minutes spent here at the lifehouse.

So if this isn't enough reason for you to be at the lifehouse, then well, theres no hope for you.

much love, B!