Saturday, September 18, 2010

Its Bridget Day!!

I love Jewel by Lisa, Lda, Zebra Living, Tiffany Amber , Deola Sagoe, Mai and so on but believe me these people definitely don't need to be talked about even more on this seemingly insignificant blog, so i'm sorry if my " Nigerian designer to talk about" isnt any of those but well she can stand any day or any time by these designers and stand out.

Her names Bridget Awosika (Washington born but has consistently shown a love for her Nigerian heritage). Her designs are beautifully romantic, well structured, obviate an amazing understanding of fabrics, plus her collections are very cohesive; a characteristic only a learned fashion designer would know. Why wouldnt her designs be all these things?
Shes a Parsons School of design graduate and has worked with fashion houses like Donna Karen and Armani, a well desired opportunity for any aspiring designer. I love bridget Awosika and i know you will to.

  • Gorgeous Silhouettes

  • Fashion Forward

  • Attention to detail

  • Colourful Taste

  • Diversity

  • Even Her LBD's out of this world

I mean with all these and so much more, you'd be crazy to not love bridget, so everyone fnd bridget and shop, shop, shop, if you can't shop then just show her love :-)
Love you guys
p.s: so sorry for the late post (just graduated, plus i jus became an uncle) i promise will post more soonest