Wednesday, August 11, 2010


For some reason people have the perception that Nigeria is no place for harnessing your dreams, they prefer to travel to more accepting habitats such as new york, paris and the likes for these dreams, these dreams little minds may refer to as frivolous, expensive, foolish but these dreams are what make you who you are as a person no matter how unprofessional they are it doesnt make them any less important, its kinda why you were made some may say what fuels ur existence, thus the reason for my excitement as i celebrate a very special person, especially considering the fact that he is in Nigeria, his young and has only been doing this for a year with no training of the sort, jus a passion that facilitates his dream chase "Udoh Augustine Victor".

Im not a professional photographer but one thing im sure of is the sight of these photographs speak not of lack of experience but of a vast immersion in the art of photography, Udoh is not just a photographer he is a connoisseur of fashion photography which he has only gotten to through practice, he loves his talent and he does it justice by fighting all odds that try to make him forget they exist. Here are a few of his pictures he did as a pet project, well now its for Thisday!!.

  • African Chic

  • On To The Next One

  • The X factor

  • Cute

  • Priceless

who would be able to derive from these photographs the actual absence of an experience in photography and the lack of an actual train, he obiates the statement "practice makes perfect" as simple as it seems, it is what it is, with alot of passion and alot practice victor is running to be one of the masters of not only fashion photgraphy but photography as a whole, so if you need a photgrapher call U.V.A.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

HISTYLE 101 (Akin)

Hey y'all, i know its been a while,School has been so hectic :-( , but we'll both be done in a bit, so in just over a month from now, we'll be done with school, and our posts will become more regular, and also our 're-branding' will take on a more definitive shape by then,so please bear with us in the interim.
Today, we introduce a new section called 'HISTYLE 101', which showcases guys with unique style and flair for dressing. Lekan Olanrewaju(above), a writer, photographer and fashion enthusiast is the first to be featured in this section.

Lekan's style is obviously and definitively different; his approach to dressing is laid-back and trendy, with an exquisite attention to detail, especially when using his quirks to complement his dressing(observe his use of bowties).

The 'Casual Sharp'.

Lekan's style adheres to the principle of fit and proportion; with this look, everything is in place, and everything fits perfectly, and he manages to give a casual outfit a slightly formal air.

The Fashion Forward

The blazer-with-shorts look is still one of menswear edgiest looks and is never easy to pull off; however, lekan does this with considerable aplomb,giving us his own interpretation of a summer outfit.

The Quirky

The fedora; the rolled up sleeves; the fully-buttoned shirt, very easily turn what would have been a simple outfit, to a classically stylish ensemble.

The Urbanite

This looks showcase the out-and-about-town Lekan; laidback and relaxed, but still maintaining a stylish and distinct edge(note the cardigan, rosary and the messenger bag).

As can be seen from the pictures, Lekan uses trendy and fashionable pieces to liven up the normal t-shirt-and-jeans retinue, and create stylish and trendy outfits without falling victim to 'overtrending'.....indeed, his style is definitely worth taking a few tips from.

So, y'all should watch out for another 'histyle 101' section, as we dissect and analyze the secrets of some of the most stylish guys around. cheers.

(All photos taken by Lekan Olanrewaju.)