Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Once in a while you get to meet really special people, people that you can trust, that you can build not only friendships but business ideas with, people you can introduce to your family, that can become your family, Akinlolu Osibanjo( officially called 21 ) happens to be that person, we’ve shared loads and loads of interesting experiences (skye, blogs, girls lol, we’ve shared a lot) and that’s why out of my time spent immersed in vanity, I can afford to use the post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKINLOLU (N.R.B , the photographer, the artist) and not only thank God for his life but also for his very subtle style, and that’s why this post is called;
“Simple, gentlemanly, conservatively fashion forward, STYLISH” is what I think about when I raid through akins wardrobe, he might not take risks like some fashion boys we know but he definitely understands the value of tailoring, fit and colors and that’s what style kinda is.

• The Gentleman

• The Simple

• The Cool

• The Photographer

• The Conservatively fashion forward

I hope you enjoyed consuming a piece of leo's style and on my behalf please scream Happy birthday o F.S.L's Leo!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


The Word Market for some reason in Nigeria seems to connote some form of poverty, well I’m sorry if someone as fresh as myself (excuse my second of vanity) will say otherwise. Markets whether you like it or not, yes; may have a whole lotta pretentious crap but within the pretentious crap are some very precious pieces, some may tag “diamond in the rough” thus making the hustle and bustle of the experience kinda worth it. Plus the price, I’m not particularly a fan of shopping in Nigeria, infarct I prefer tailor le ran (i think thats how its spelt:-))than shopping but when I have to, on a strict budget, the market is the place. So for those of us that aren’t ashamed to say we shop or at least occasionally shop at markets such as Yaba, Lagos and the likes, and those soon to venture, here are very pivotal ground rules when shopping in the market,

  • Do Not Buy Items with supposed “famous designer brands” engrafted on them, because if properly scrutinized, discoveries of misspellings and even misconstrued designer logos will definitely expose your efforts. Plus honestly they are just plain razz ladies and gentlemen.
  • Don’t waste your time on the outer aspect especially if your plan is to find a serious gemstone. It is usually hidden in the rough so you gotta search deep within. In other words find your way into the deeper corners of the market; there you shall discover the worthwhile items.
  • Do not go overdressed to the market; if possible look your worst, so as to avoid attracting an overflow of comments and an interestingly ridiculous boost in the prices of items. And please don’t be scandalously clad, it’s not a club or a party. So a pair of jeans and a shirt for both guys and girls should work.
  • Get your native language ready or at least pidgin and if you can’t speak any of the two then carry a friend that can do the likes, cause, pricing with an accent definitely doesn’t help when bargaining with the marketers...
• Do not wear white because hands shall grab and pull just to try getting your attention.
  • Buy jeans, for some reason markets have really great pairs of jeans and at really good rates
  • Check fabric before you buy because as much as there is quality, there is most definitely the opposite, so make sure you’re assured that it is of good quality before purchase.
  • When buying make up and body cream and the likes, make sure you have enough knowledge about what you’re buying so you do not buy the fake version of it, so test it or at least carry a copy of the original with you so you can make comparism.
  • Don’t try new things especially when it comes to skin products please, especially cause of the rampant array of eventually destructive products as almost everything and anything is sold in the market.
  • Do not wear heels, or slippers to the market, if possible wear trainers, because people are going to step on you and push you and what not.
• Do not go around wearing expensive jewelry especially on a busy market day for reasons known; I shan’t be stating the obvious lol.
• Please o keep your money somewhere safe, i'm not saying in your bra or pant but please wedge it properly in a wallet or in your pocket, so as not to lose it when walking, and ladies if possible avoid carrying handbags.
  • If you’re buying fabric, make sure you test the colour intensity by dipping it in water and dabbing it against something white to see if it runs. If it does, look elsewhere.
There’s so much more to note when venturing into the market, but start with these and your market experience would be a lot easier and even maybe enjoyable(I make no promises lol) .

Sunday, July 4, 2010

TRENDIN'- Drop-crotch pants(harems):: (LEO)

Now, I am not a big fan of the increasing ‘gender blender’ going on in present fashion, with menswear borrowing more from womenswear than ever before. Pushed-up blazer sleeves, deeply plunging v-neck and scoop neck t-shirts, leggings, and, horror of horrors, those skirts that were featured in H&M’s spring 2010 menswear collection.

However, in the midst of this almost explicit snatch and grab, is one that recently originated from womenswear designers(this season), and has now made the jump to men’s fashion.

Drop-crotch pants, or ‘Harem pants’ as they are more popularly called, were originally unisex and originated from ancient Arabian times, actually India (remember Disney’s ‘Aladdin’? bingo.). They were further popularized during the late 1980’s by then popular rapper, MC Hammer.( that’s why they’re sometimes called ‘hammer pants’ or ‘aladdin pants).

The pants look like a cross between a pair of baggy tracksuit trousers(from the waist to the knees), and a pair of skinny jeans(from the knees down). From experience, I have to say that they are extremely comfortable- but also extremely different. If you want to rock these right now, in Nigeria, it’ll be quite like wearing skinny jeans two years ago; be prepared for strange looks.

When worn well though, they can be an extremely stylish and edgy addition to one’s outfit. For even greater effect, making the top part of the outfit semi-formal will create a soft, but stylish contrast, for example, a fitted blazer over a t-shirt. But normally the pants are already a standout item, and can simple be worn with a t-shirt or polo shirt, and they will create an incredible effect. Depending on how style-savvy you are, almost any pair of shoes can be worn with these pants, from plimsolls to sharp brogues. However, my top picks are simple gladiator-style slippers, sandals and espadrilles.

And for an indigenous feel, then harems made from the Ankara fabric are the hottest things around right now.(true story)

So, if you’re brave, fashion forward, stylish and desire to stand out from the crowd this season while still remaining cool and comfortable, then go get you(or go sew you, lol) some Aladdin pants!

P.s what do YOU really think about this trend? Yes or NO? Pls comment and let us know your thoughts.