Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top 1O Looks Ladies Should Rock to The Hip hop World Awards. By Pisces

It might seem like a very irrelevevant and very easily answerable topic to you but for any socialite or music connoisseur or even the un admired social climber what to wear on this very interesting 29th day of the month of may is a very pivotal question; cause for anyone in the limelight this could either mar or make you or well do absolutely nothing for you. So if what to wear is seemingly harder to decipher than preferred, here are a few options to somewhat help boost your innovation.

· The Boyfriend look

Steal your b.f or brother or best friend's blazer they all start with the letter b who would know if it isn’t really your bfs, his a boy and his a friend lol.Pair it with thick coloured tights(so you don’t show off your prized jewels) and some killer strappy heels. A little rock star touch; pin a brooch to the blazer and your ready to go.

p.s: dnt 4get to wear a top inside (simpler the better)

· Mans World

This is probably the only time when using this statement wouldn’t make me a chauvinist, get a pant suit and sex it up with a perfedct fit, feminine clutch, edgy bracelet and some attractive heels. A little hot touch would be red lipstick, blood red ;-)

· Join the band

if you’ve been wanting to wear denims, well this is the only way I can dim justifiable, rock distressed denims, with a band jacket, heels and I mean HEELS, and a clutch.

· Cold Shoulder

Give them the cold shoulder with some high end shoulder dresses paired with layered necklaces, some ankle boots and gloves. If necessary a clutch but big enough for a little make up and your blackberry.

· Jump In

You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit, its classy and at the same time very edgy, edgy enough for the hip hop world awards. Pair it with some strappy high heeled sandals, a bracelet and a clutch. If you still feel underdressed then nerd it up with some clear end glasses, a hot nerd is the best gift ever.

· LCD Remix

Anyone could do a little coloured dress, but im sure anyone reading this doesn’t want to be just anyone, so pair your LCD with a cardigan, button it up or not, synch it with an amazing belt, some laced up heels, gloves and a cross over bag like the Chanel 2.55 ( just an example )

· With The Bf

If your bf isn’t coming with you, well he could be with you in style. Rock one of his shirts(spray his perfume on it if you want), with wet look leggings, a beanie, his oversized watch and some studded heels. Add a little rouge to the lips to touch up the feminine touch.

· Not Just An LBD

The little black dress can never go wrong but it could definitely be boring, so if boredom isn’t your forte, add some coloured tights, an oversized watch and some open toes ankle booties and give them something to talk about.

· Quirky Chic

This is for the quirky chic (which I love), rock a pair of harems with an oversized white vest tucked in, with suspenders, a fedora and an envelope clutch. If a bit underdressed add some pearls to the wrist instead of the neck and I’m so sure you’d be a show stealer, as long as its done properly.

· African Edge:

For the African patriot, rock a little black dress, with an African print blazer, and some ankle booties. Plus a black oversized clutch to finish up the look.

· Peplums (Bonus :-))

Bonus look for actually reading up to this point J, peplum dresses are amazing, so pair a peplum dress with a cropped blazer, pin some rock star brooches to the blazer and a really small clutch with some sexy covered toe shoes.

Other things every woman should definitely have in check that day include;

SPANXXX ; To hide every atom of flab that could possibly destroy your look in that body con like dr


And well for the most part cause I’m sure you already know, your hair should be done right, your nails and your m

ake up.

Those tips might come on a later date, so for now I hope these helped but don’t forget you make these outfits so let your style shine through with a tweak in there and another tweak there. Good luck and see you there.

10 Outfits for guys to wear to the Hip Hop World Awards (By Leo)

The prestigious Hip Hop World Awards in Nigeria is just around the corner, and preparations are in full gear, not just by the organizers and nominees, but by all attendees as well……this is one of the top 5 events of the Nigerian social year, and if you are priviledged to attend, then you simply cannot be caught looking any less than your best. So, here are ten ideas to make you standard out, while keeping it stylish and comfortable, and as 100 to hip-hop as possible.

Pic 1. Combine a brightly coloured fitted t-shirt, with a waistcoat, slim jeans and a new era fitted cap. A really good way to do ‘hip-hop’ without getting too baggy. Note the accessories, especially the Casio G-Shock watch. I predict that there will be a LOT of them at the awards………LOL.

Pic 2.This is how to wear a standard blazer, without coming off as too serious. Pair your black, navy or grey blazer with a bright polo, push up the sleeves, and wear with slim or skinny jeans/fitted pants. As always, accessorize appropriately (note pocket square, belt and watch)

Pic 3. For the more serious among us, with conservative dress sense, I recommend keeping it simple and sharp. Buttoned-up waist coat, shirt and tie, paired with slim/skinny jeans or smart, fitted pants and a pair of brightly-coloured plimsolls to add colour to the outfit should do the trick. Note the rolled sleeves that make the outfit more relaxed and laidback.

Pic 4. Thankfully, more and more guys are embracing colour these days. A lumberjack shirt, slim jeans and any pair of high-tops( air force ones, supra’s etc) = sweet combo. Accessorize with a fedora or new era cap. REMEMBER: keep everything FITTED.

Pic 5. Keeping it simple and fresh as demonstrated by Pharell Williams, hip-hop’s poster boy of style. Fitted tee, slim jeans and vans, but well accessorized and injected with colour, to keep it from being boring with the cardigan, new-era fitted, ray-ban wayfarers and G-shock watch. REMEMBER: the shades are just for the red carpet ONLY, if you must; once you get inside, TAKE THEM OFF….unless you’re performing or something.

Pic 6. If you intend to do the blazer-and-jeans look, then try to stand out from the many others who will. As in the picture, pair a bright blazer with correspondingly light or dark denim(the red works well with light blue denim; yellow, for instance would work with dark blue denim). For shoes, smart black or dark brown oxford lace-up’s would do.

Pic 7. Not in the mood for complicated dressing? Keep it simple with a fresh and fitted polo shirt (it shouldn’t be the one you wear to school or work everyday ,LOL)

Pic 8.How to do ‘military’: No oversize camouflage jackets or baggy cargo pants please; wear a fitted military style jacket with a nice t-shirt, and skinny jeans tucked into boots that go with the outfit, NOT brown timberlands. Keep the colour tone dark in tune with the ‘combat’ theme, therefore black boots would do.

Pic 9. In love with style and want to get a little more quirky? Then make your outfit your own by adding little touches like turning up your trouser cuffs, pushing up your blazer sleeves, wearing a t-shirt instead of an oxford, wearing quirky accessories(see hat and nerd glasses in picture) will make your outfit look much more different from others that might wear the same combination.

Pic 10. Prefer to keep it extremely simple and light, especially in this Naija heat? Then stay cool in a multicoloured y-neck tee or a sleeveless vest, paired with jeans and smart sneakers/high tops.

Pic 11. REMEMBER: Appropriate accessories will make your outfit stylish and set you apart from the crowd.

ONE MORE THING: Style is all about doing things your own way; if you want to try out any of this ideas, you should do it in combinations and colours that work for you.