Thursday, April 29, 2010

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What is Style? (LEO)

The cut of a jacket, the fit of a pair of trousers, a jauntily placed hat, brilliantly coloured shoes…… encapsulate the word ‘style’ in one article is a tough job…..essentially because of the divergent views and opinions that ‘we’ all have, that is fashion lovers(I hate the word ‘fashionista’, especially when applied to men, lol) and ‘normal’ people. We at REPUBLIC OF STYLE believe in the emphasis on ‘style’ rather than ‘fashion’. A lot of the celebrities we tout as ‘stylish’ are merely fashionable individuals….with the help of their stylists. Well……this is what I believe;

1. The first and most powerful factor influencing style….is YOU. The clothes you wear, how you wear the clothes, the kind of look you project in juxtaposition to your environment…basically.

2. Then come the CLOTHES…yes, those pieces of material you throw on everyday to cover your nakedness, actually do more than that -they introduce you and your personality to the outside world. Jobs interviews have been failed because of choice of apparel….wealth has also been gained because of the same.

3. ATTITUDE- 8 letter word that has recently been replaced by the inexplicable ‘SWAG’..??(notice how every new trend is called a ‘swag’). Attitude is basically having the right demeanor, composure and carriage to go with your dressing. Acting all sad and depressed while wearing brightly coloured clothes will make you look out of place, even a little weird,yes!

4. ‘SPREZZATURA’- Italian for ‘non-chalance’. To pull of great style especially as a male, it is important that you look so comfortable in you outfit, that it looks like you just ‘threw it on’, even if it happens to be a shiny sharkskin three-piece suit! (not particularly recommended, but you get the picture J) However, DO NOT spend hours trying to make your outfit look like it just happened to come together- it will look exactly like that- you tried too hard.

5. FIT- I should have put this first. If your clothes don’t fit to your body, whether tall, short, chubby or slim, you have FAILED your style exam already. This is quite a problem in our dear Nigeria, as any day outside finds me cringing at the torrid display- baggy 6-button-suits, T.M Lewin shirts bulging out the backs of trousers, slippers worn in the most inappropriate of conditions (by people who should know better!), mismatching shirts and ties, black suits worn with white ‘pimp’ shoes, and on and on and on, bla bla bla…

6. MERGING YOU OUTFIT WITH YOUR PERSONALITY- very simple; the things you do with your clothes that few or none at all do. It could be barely imperceptible like rolling your t-shirt sleeves, undoing one or two of your suit jacket button; or very obvious like lime-green shoes with an all black outfit, boots with your suit, red pants with a traditional black suit jacket etc Being able to give an outfit your own personal touch is at least 50% of what style is all about.

So I have tried to give you a breakdown of what I see in a truly stylish person, when I run into one. Hope you’re not confused or dismayed at this list,lol……if u intend to upgrade your style, then simply start from ‘FIT’-believe me the rest will gradually fall into place. It is also important to open up yourself to a wider range of fashion choices (e.g don’t be afraid of skinny jeans,lol). When you find out what fits you and what doesn’t, it’ll be very easy for you to begin to build your own super-stylish wardrobe.

Till the next postJ.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Its amazing how something that was enacted because of sin could reflect so much of who we are as people, could reflect so much of who a person is, wants to be or in some cases should be. Don’t get lost I’m talking about clothes, I mean the only reason why clothes even exist in the first place is cause Adam and Eve kinda dropped the torch of responsibility and well sinned, remember?? Due to this tremendous act had their eyes totally uncapped from the innocence that came with nudity.J

Since we have allowed it take so much of our essence, the question now is when does a person enter the right state, that is, the state of understanding the essence of clothes?

I guess that’s were Style comes in; yes style not fashion.

I am and will always be immersed in a love for fashion but when it comes to admiring the wearers of fashion endeavours, the realization that there is more to the item of clothing is definitely what I’m about, understanding that the clothes without the people would be totally irrelevant and just a combination of stitches, fabric and labour put into a whole lot of nothingness. Guess that’s what makes style so important.

When I think about style, I think about

· Individuality

· Diversity

· Self embrace(personality and physically)

Those are the things I think bring the clothes alive, correct me if I’m wrong, on second thought don’t.

So what the republic of style is here for is not a celebration of FASHION, believe me it has enough worshippers already, but more of a celebration of the people bringing these fashion outputs(clothes) alive, those mixing and matching, cutting and wrapping, ripping and dyeing; basically expressing their individuality through clothes. We are not looking for those who exhaust their credit cards and surpass their credit limits by shopping unendingly for designer clothes but those who know that yes designer clothes are hot but its not about wearing designer clothes but just generally about how you wear clothes; designer label attached or not, those who know what looks good on them, those who understand that not every trend is for them but embrace the trends for them with a difference, with their own little touch, that touch that expresses who they are as people and celebrates diversity as the spice of life. People ranging from Socialites, to students, to bankers, okada drivers (believe me some of them have style o), facebookers, e.t.c or even YOU as long as they are style branded and not participants of fashion prostitution.

Thus the reason why Leo and Pisces dubbed this blog, Republic Of Style, because style is what we love, it’s the only thing that people haven’t really understood but need to understand, its in everyone and I hope we help in bringing about that understanding of what style is and maybe even what your style is, so watch out for Leo and Pisces as we revolutionize style with our somewhat colourful dispositions.